Bankruptcy Preparation
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New Clients need to bring the following items to their appointment:

We are walk you through bankruptcy preparation. It can be empowering to know your rights. We explain and protect your rights while we work with the bank and credit card companies to negotiate a debt settlement that fits your ability to pay. Most of our clients pay back 55-60 cents per dollar of debt to fully satisfy their creditors – and that amount includes attorney fees and costs.

It’s this simple


will need to bring in 12 months of bank statements.

All Bills (except utility bills)

need correspondence addresses and account numbers for all creditors.

Tax Returns.

Last two years tax returns state and federal (if self-employed…….two (2) years o previous tax returns).

Bank Statements.

Last 3 months bank statements (if self-employed……the preceding 12 months bank statements must be furnished) Also, any Credit Union acctunts.

Pay Stubs.

for the last 60 days (If self-employed all income for the last 6 months and all business expenses for the last 6 months).

Additional Paperwork.

Any papers regarding lawsuits, garnishments, foreclosure or repossession notices.

Student Loans.

If Any.


Personal Loans, Furniture Loans And Any Rent To Own Contracts.

Title Loans.

Title Loans or Title Pawns (Addresses of Companies).

Mortgage Statement.

if you own a home.

Payment Booklet.

If making car payments, payment book or statement.


Bring in all medical bills and credit card bills.


Name and address of all co signers. If you have co-signed for someone or someone has co-signed for you…we need their name and address.

Child Support.

If you pay child support, we need the name and address of all child support recipients.

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