We recently published 3 Reasons to File for Bankruptcy and because there are many reasons why people need to file for bankruptcy protection, we thought it important to follow up with 3 More Reasons to File for Bankruptcy.

For many, filing

When a bank "offsets" an account, it means that the bank seizes funds from an account to satisfy an unpaid debt owed to the bank. For example, a bank may offset (take money from) a debtor's checking account to pay

Most creditors (the banks you owe money) have very little power to force collection from you without first winning a lawsuit against you for not paying back your debt. For example, if you stop paying your credit card bill, the

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool. It offers a number of advantages to a debtor, including the opportunity to erase certain debts and to catch up on mortgage arrears, missed car payments, and back taxes. Chapter 13 creases

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If you own a home and are considering filing for bankruptcy protection, you likely have many questions about how your home and mortgage will be affected by filing. First, understand that every bankruptcy case is unique and your options and

Just as some debts are treated differently in bankruptcy – some debts can be discharged (erased) in bankruptcy and some cannot – so too are creditors treated differently in bankruptcy.

Whether or not a creditor will be paid in bankruptcy depends

Have a budget is one of the tenets of healthy financial management. Without a budget you can't know what you can afford or how much you'll be able to save so that you can meet your financial goals.

For some people

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