The information contained in your credit report dictates your credit score, which is a determinant of your credit-worthiness. The higher your credit score, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to secure loans or lines of credit with

Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps people get out of debt while keeping most or all of their personal belongings and other assets. It is generally the quickest and simplest chapter, and is typically completed in four to six months. Unlike a

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps people get a handle on their debt problems while keeping most or all of their personal belongings and other assets. It enables people with regular income to develop a plan to repay all or a portion

Wise money management is a skill. It's a skill anybody can learn and even improve over time. It is always the right time to make wise financial decisions. And it is never too late to start making wiser choices for

We often talk about how there are many bankruptcy myths that are believed by most people. There are likely a number of reasons why misinformation about bankruptcy is so prevalent. To be certain, there are things that lenders don't want

If you are deep in debt, dealing with harassing creditor calls, maybe you've been sued for unpaid debts, it is time to explore if bankruptcy is the right solution to your debt problem. When we first meet with our clients

Chapter 7 bankruptcy erases all or most of your debts, without a repayment plan, and in general allows you to keep most or all of your assets and other belongings.

When you file for bankruptcy it creates a "bankruptcy estate," which

Once you determine that filing for bankruptcy protection is the right debt-relief solution for you, it is important to explore which chapter of personal bankruptcy would be of most benefit to you. Every bankruptcy case is unique and your specific

For many of our clients bankruptcy at first feels like a scary thing, but once they understand the protections and benefits of bankruptcy they feel much more comfortable with their decision to file. Bankruptcy is a financial decision and a

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