Solid financial management requires taking honest stock of your finances. We recommend that you assess your finances quarterly, every three months. And at a minimum, not less than once a year.

Taking the time to assess your finances lets you know

We understand that you are coming to us because you are struggling with debt. The last thing you want is another bill to pay.

When we meet for the free consultation, most people are worried about how they are going to

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, all collection action against you must stop.

The automatic stay puts an end to collection phone calls, a mailbox stuffed with overdue bills, law suits, wage garnishments, and any other debt collection action against

Filing for bankruptcy and navigating the bankruptcy court system can be an intimidating process. Many of our clients express to us that they're nervous about the process, or that they're nervous about attending the Trustee Meeting.

We strive to ensure that

There is a song played on repeat year-after-year that tells us the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Whether or not you agree with the song, we can all agree that the holiday season can quickly get

Even after 30+ years of practicing bankruptcy law, we never cease to be amazed at how many bankruptcy myths are believed by most people. Misinformation about bankruptcy abounds. In nearly every free consultation, we dispel at least one bankruptcy myth.


The two most common types of bankruptcy filed by individuals or married couples are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy erases all or most of your debts, without a repayment plan, and in general allows you

Living under the weight of debt can feel debilitating. Hearing your phone ring constantly with calls from creditors. Wondering how you're going to stay current on your monthly bills and pay back your mounting debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be

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