If you file for bankruptcy protection, you must list all of your creditors. This means you must list every bank, organization, entity or individual to whom you owe money. You cannot pick and choose which creditors to include in your

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Bankruptcy is not a one-size fits all solution to debt problems. Filing for bankruptcy protection is a financial decision. It's a decision that can empower you to take control of your financial future. Bankruptcy is a legal tool that has

People who are struggling with overwhelming credit card debt often are also struggling to pay back taxes, too. If you're struggling with overwhelming debt, it may be time to explore if bankruptcy is the right solution to your debt problems.


People who need to file bankruptcy are often concerned about the legal process. It is true that bankruptcy is a complex area of law, but bankruptcy is not a courtroom battle with your credit card company. In fact, generally speaking

Being in debt can feel like a huge burden. We are not talking about having a mortgage or a car payment – those are debts most people have. We are talking about overwhelming credit card debt or massive medical bills.

Myths about bankruptcy abound!

There are likely a number of reasons why misinformation about bankruptcy is so prevalent. Certainly credit card companies and big banks are served by the public being misinformed about bankruptcy law, and even scared or ashamed of

The benefits and legal protections of bankruptcy are vast. In exchange for having your debts erased, stopping collection action, and receiving other benefits, bankruptcy law requires that you give full disclosure of your finances in your bankruptcy petition. You are

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