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Certainly, these are critical topics for our financial futures, but this year we also want to share good things that are happening in the world. Simply put, it’s a beautiful thing to be reminded of the good in the world.

Every Teacher On DonorsChoose.org Got Their School Project Funded

DonorsChoose.org is a crowdfunding platform that lets teachers post school project requests and donors choose which project they want to support with donations.

Thanks to Ripple, a cryptocurrency company, every single school project request will be funded! Ripple donated $29 million to DonorsChoose.org and pledged to fully fund the site’s more than 35,000 classroom project requests.

Asking For What You Want

Charles Best, the founder of DonorsChoose.org, emailed Chris Larson, co-founder of Ripple, asking for the huge donation. Charles reported that he was worried Chris would “be offended by the ridiculousness” of his email pitch.

Despite his concerns, Charles forged ahead: “I kind of dared myself to send an email pitching an idea 10 times bigger than I’ve ever pitched before.”

His fearlessness paid off.

Chris and Ripple responded with a $29 million donation to DonorsChoose.org. The two organizations shared their exciting announcement in a joint YouTube announcement featuring Monica Long, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Ripple, and Charles Best. Charles, clearly moved by Ripple’s generosity, exclaimed: “Right now there are 35,000 classroom project requests live on our site. And Ripple is going to do something for those projects, those teachers, those students, that has never happened before!”

Paying It Forward

Monica shared what this donation means to Ripple. “At Ripple, we all have teachers to thank for giving us the education and opportunities that have helped us to get where we are today in our careers. And we want to pay that forward so that more teachers are able to give those types of opportunities to kids across America.” The unprecedented donation is about paying it forward and honoring our teachers for the important work they do.

DonorsChoose Tweeted “We can’t believe that just happened. With the largest single donation in our history, @Ripple just funded EVERY SINGLE CLASSROOM PROJECT on our site. Happy #BestSchoolDay!”

Ripple’s generous donation will fund 35,647 school projects, from 28,210 teachers, at 16,561 public schools around our nation. That is truly paying it forward.


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

It doesn’t take money or talent to do something good for another. Create your own good happenings in the world. We’d love to hear about the kindness you spread into the world! Feel free to post stories about the good things you do or witness on our Facebook page!

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