There is a song played on repeat year-after-year that tells us the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Whether or not you agree with the song, we can all agree that the holiday season can quickly get very expensive!

It can start early with costly Halloween costumes, and left unchecked can quickly move forward with lavish feasts, pricey gifts, and an astonishing credit card bill. But with some wise and intentional choices, you can handle the holidays on a budget.

First and foremost, if you are in the midst of financial struggles, or you are simply committed to sticking to your budget, know that it is okay to not give physical gifts. It is okay to decline invitations to pricey events or entertainment outings.

Your healthy financial future depends on making wise decisions today. To help you out, our law office has put together our favorite tips for handling the holidays on a budget.


Holiday Décor

You can find really beautiful, and terribly expensive, holiday decorations in fancy craft stores all across the county. But these items are not necessary to deck your halls with stunning décor.

Remember that simple is elegant. Get a little creative, and a whole lot crafty.

Repurpose items you already own. Scour the dollar store for hidden gems that can be used as-is, or spruced up with some paint, glitter, or faux-powdered snow. Go au natural with your décor. Use leaves, cones, carefully selected tree branches, and dried flowers to decorate the house.


Homemade Holiday Dishes

The holidays are the perfect time to share homemade dishes with your loved ones! There is something special about homemade dishes and using recipes passed down from generation to generation. The added bonus? Dishes you make are less expensive than their store-bought counterpart. Homemade helps you handle the holidays on a budget!


Carefully Select Events & Entertainment

When you’re dedicated to sticking to a budget, you simply can’t do it all. Select the holiday events that are most important to you, and go only to those. This means you may have to decline invitations from well-meaning family and friends. It is okay to say “no.”


The Gift Of Time: Save Money By Not Shopping

One excellent way to handle the holidays on a budget is by not shopping. Everyone wants to give their loved ones nice gifts, but the truth is, the gift of your time is more precious than any store-bought gift.

Take time to be present with you love ones. The gift of your time and attention is the most meaningful gift of all.

Remember that the holidays are not about expensive gifts and lavish meals, they are about celebration, love, and giving thanks.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season from all of us at the Law Offices of Barbara B. Braziel!

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