When you are struggling to pay your bills, it is hard to imagine how you could afford to pay for bankruptcy. When you’re already deep in debt, the last thing you want is another bill to pay.

Most of our clients come to us worried about how they are going to pay for bankruptcy. This is one reason why we offer free consultations. We will work with you to give you the opportunity for the fresh financial start you deserve.

How Much Will Bankruptcy Cost Me?

The costs associated with filing for bankruptcy include:

  • Attorneys’ Fees
    • Chapter 7 BankruptcyOur law firm charges a flat fee to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Before you retain us to help you file for bankruptcy, we will go over the flat-rate attorneys’ fees and what services are covered by those fees. We make sure our clients are never surprised with an unaffordable or outrageous bill.
    • Attorneys’ fees are paid in full before we file your case. We require full payment in advance because as soon as your case is filed, your creditors are not allowed to attempt to collect from you, including us.
    • Chapter 13 BankruptcyIn the Southern District of Georgia, the Chapter 13 bankruptcy Attorneys’ fees are set by the court. This is called a “no look” fee. However, unlike with a Chapter 7 filing, we do not collect the attorneys’ fees up front. Our office can be paid from the Chapter 13 plan payments.
  • Bankruptcy Court Filing Fee
  • Costs of Mandatory Debt Counseling Courses

Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You

It is important for you to work with an attorney who you feel comfortable with and you feel you can trust. Certainly considering costs and fees is critical, but it is also critical to have your bankruptcy case handled the right way from the start. Hiring the wrong attorney can be expensive, as it can be costly and difficult to fix mistakes after a bankruptcy case is filed.

We encourage you to research any lawyer or law firm you are considering hiring. Some attorneys dabble in bankruptcy law, while others practice exclusively in bankruptcy. The Law Office of Barbara B. Braziel practices exclusively in bankruptcy law.

How Can I Pay for the Costs of Bankruptcy?

Many of our clients are making monthly payments on debts that will ultimately be erased in their bankruptcy. In these cases, they may choose to reallocate those funds toward paying for their bankruptcy. Alternatively, some of our clients choose to accept a gift of cash from a friend or relative to pay for the bankruptcy.

We have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 35 years and we have helped thousands of people get out of debt through bankruptcy. Know that we are committed to working with each client to ensure they have the opportunity for a fresh financial start.

No Surprise Fees or Bills

At our free consultation, we will review all of the fees associated with filing for bankruptcy. You will never get a surprise bill from our law office. Reach out to us right now at (912) 351-9000 to schedule your free consultation. Together we will explore how bankruptcy can get you out of debt.

The Law Office of Barbara B. Braziel is located centrally in the Savannah, GA area. We proudly serve the people in Savannah, Richmond Hill, Hinesville, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Tybee Island, Clyo, Ellabel, Midway, Springfield, Pembroke, Brooklet, Garden City, and Ludowici Georgia.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Find out more about Bankruptcy in our guide: All About Bankruptcy.

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