Do you tense up every time you hear the phone ring because you know it’s another collection call? Do you feel harassed by these incessant calls?

Nobody wants to be called multiple times a day by a creditor seeking payment. We understand that everyone wants to pay their bills, but when you simply do not have the money, you cannot pay.

Did you know that you have the power to stop these harassing creditor calls yourself? Learn how to put an end to harassing creditor calls here!

In our article Get Stress Relief: Stop Creditor Calls and Collection Action we share:

  • What to do to get the collection calls to stop.
  • What to write in the letter to the collection agency.
  • Plus some do’s and don’ts when dealing with a collection agency.

Your Legal Right To Stop A Collection Agency From Contacting You

Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), once you notify a collection agency in writing that you do not want to receive phone calls, they cannot legally continue to call you except under specific and limited circumstances. It is your legal right to stop collection phone callsIf after being notified in writing that you no longer want to receive calls, and they continue to call, they are violating your rights. Their actions may give rise to an FDCPA violation claim against them.

Understand that the FDCPA applies to third-party debt collectors who are attempting to collect debts on behalf of someone else. It does not apply to original lenders.

Stopping The Collection Phone Calls Does Not Erase The Debt

It is important to understand that stopping the phone calls is not a solution to your financial problems. The longer you ignore your debt problem, the worse it will get. Come meet with us for a free consultation. Together we’ll explore your options to get you out of debt.

Bankruptcy Puts An End To Harassing Creditor Calls & Has The Power To Erase Debts

In fact, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t just stop collection phone calls – it stops all collection action. Further, bankruptcy has the power to erase debts.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy protection, your creditors must cease and desist from all collection action against you, including:

  • Calling you or sending bills
  • Wage garnishments or bank levies
  • Suing you for unpaid debts
  • Moving forward with pending lawsuits
  • Repossessing your car (at least not right away)
  • Foreclosing on your home (at least not right away)

Filing for bankruptcy can help you gain financial freedom and may very well help you make today the first day of the rest of your life. Read about how Bankruptcy Stops Collection Action and follow us on Facebook for more tips to stop creditor harassment!

For over 35-years we have proudly served the people in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free consultation on how you can end your financial struggle and gain financial freedom.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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