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Thank you for following our blog. We share information here about getting out of debt, the benefits of bankruptcy, and tips on savvy financial management, saving more and spending less. Certainly, these are critical topics for our financial futures, but we also like to share stories on random acts of kindness. Just some feel-good news to remind us of the good in the world!

Horrific events, including devastating natural disasters, have a way of bringing people together. This is true even in the most divisive of times.

In August, Houston Texas and the surrounding shores endured Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. People lost their lives in the hurricane. Hundreds were injured. Thousands awaited rescue. The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey will last for years to come.

In the face of rising floodwaters, people formed human chains to rescue others, hopped into boats to save people they had never met, carried lost pets above their heads as they waded through the flood. As the hurricane raged on, the depths of compassion and the human spirit prevailed in many ways.

While stalled in traffic, drivers and passengers watched in horror as floodwaters picked up an elderly man’s SUV and were sweeping it away. Without pause, dozens of people jumped into the water to help. These good Samaritans formed a human chain and inched their way through the floodwaters toward the SUV. Together they pulled the man to safety. He was taken to a local hospital and reunited with his son.

When Annie Smith went into labor, she and her husband called 911 and the Texas National Guard for hours, but never got an answer. Desperate for help, they called a friend who lived near the fire department. He was able to alert the rescue crew. By the time the fire truck arrived at the couple’s apartment, the floodwater was so high that neighbors and firefighters had to form a human chain to rescue them. Annie said, “I just kind of held onto them, one person at a time and crawled along their arms until the firemen helped me up the ladder onto the truck.”

These are just two instances of the amazing ways that people stepped forward to help one another. Without the thousands of emergency responders, volunteers, and good Samaritans who showed up to help during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we would have lost even more people.

Sometimes random acts of kindness are huge, life-saving acts of bravery.

It is those people who showed up to help their fellow Americans, to help their fellow humans, that made all the difference. Especially in times of true strife and hardship, the benefits of both large and small act of kindness can ripple so far.

Our thoughts remain with the people of Texas. Thank you to all of the emergency responders and others who showed up to help. Your courage and kindness have not gone unnoticed.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

– Scott Adams

It doesn’t take money or talent to be kind. Give random acts of kindness a try. We’d love to hear about the kindness you spread into the world! Feel free to post stories about your acts of kindness on our Facebook page!


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