Who doesn’t love a good Lifehack? Thanks to the internet we now have instant guidance on how to improve any aspect of our lives. In perusing various Lifehack articles, I learned I had been eating cupcakes wrong my entire life. My cupcake eating experience is now improved since I now know to slice the “cake” part in half, put the bottom half on top of the frosting, essentially making a cupcake sandwich.

And Lifehacks can be even more important than how one eats a cupcake. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite Save More Money Lifehacks for you! Because who doesn’t love to save more money?

Save More Money Lifehack #1: Carry $100 on you.

Wait, how is carrying a bunch of cash on me going to help me save money? Research shows that when we pay in cash, rather than swiping plastic, we spend less money. Credit and debit cards are convenient, but they can make overspending too easy.

Save More Money Lifehack #2: Skip the expensive cleaning products.

Cleaning products are expensive, and it seems there is one for every surface in our lives. Most cleaning products are also harsh, some even toxic! Make your own cleaning product – it’s inexpensive, effective, and environmentally friendly.

All-natural, all-purpose household cleaner: fill a heat-resistant glass container with leftover citrus peels, then add equal parts boiling water and white vinegar. Cover and let it sit for a week. Then pour your homemade cleaning concoction into an empty spray bottle. It’s safe for kids, pets, and your wallet!

Save More Money Lifehack #3: Pick up a few items at the store.

Literally, pick up the items you plan to purchase and carry them. Do not use a shopping cart or basket. This way you can only buy what you can carry. You will be less likely to buy things you don’t need or to make pricey impulse purchases. Consider how much money you spend on all those items in your Target shopping cart. Now, consider how much you won’t spend on the items that were not on your list and you couldn’t carry to the checkout aisle.

We hope you find these money saving lifehacks valuable!  For more financial tips, check out our articles 10 Financial Basics You Want to Know and Ways to Save Money and Still Be Social.

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