If you have officially made the decision to free yourself from financial burden through bankruptcy filing, the sooner you get prepared, the smoother the process will be. Get a jump start on your case before you head into the law office by following our bankruptcy checklist below, filled with the documents that you will need to present to your bankruptcy lawyer. Since we understand how stressful filing for bankruptcy can be, this is our way of helping clients get organized and feel confident for their first meeting.

Paperwork & Documentation Checklist

While this checklist may not be comprehensive, it is a fantastic start for gathering your important bankruptcy-related documents. When you meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, they may ask for more papers, but it will be a much more manageable list than if you go in empty handed. It’s also important to remember to be as transparent and honest about your documents and overall financial situation — we are on your side!

Contact Barbara B. Braziel For Help

The bottom line is, if you do receive that foreclosure notice, don’t panic. There are plenty of options available that allow you to save your home. If you are looking for legal representation to gain an advocate, look no further than Barbara B. Braziel in Savannah. Braziel Law specializes in foreclosures and bankruptcies, and has helped thousands of clients save their homes. Braziel Law is here for you — contact us today to schedule a free consultation. See how we can help you save your home and reclaim your financial freedom.

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