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At the law office of Barbara B. Braziel, you can get a fresh financial start. We have over 35-years of bankruptcy experience. Our team has helped thousands of people keep their cars, their homes, and other belongings, while eliminating dischargeable

Credit card debt is a drag. If you're not paying your monthly credit card bill in full each month, you may wind up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in interest charges.

Consider this example: Say you owe $4,717 on a

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reports that "nearly half of families have no retirement account savings at all." It seems that Americans are frighteningly unprepared for the eventuality of aging.

According to the EPI, the median retirement savings for all U.S.

Most people will do nearly anything to avoid bankruptcy. Even when faced with a mountain of debt, unpaid bills, incessant collection phone calls, and law suits for unpaid debt people still want to avoid bankruptcy. We've been practicing bankruptcy law

Yes, you can file for bankruptcy without your spouse in Georgia. Whether you should file without your spouse, or if the two of you would be better served filing a joint petition, depends on the specifics of your situation. Consult

Our clients often have many questions for us when we meet for our free consultation. Our goal is to ensure our clients have all of their questions answers and understand the bankruptcy process from start to finish. It is important

We understand that if you are exploring bankruptcy you likely have a mountain of debt. You need solid guidance on how bankruptcy works and how it can help you. Bankruptcy is a wise financial decision for many; however, it isn't

Bankruptcy is a complex, and often misunderstood area of law. Bankruptcy law in the united states serves two main purposes:

To give a debtor a fresh financial start.
To give equal treatment to the creditors.

At first blush it may

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