Hiring an attorney to help you with your financial problems may feel overwhelming. In fact, when you’re experiencing financial problems – hiring anyone may feel overwhelming.

We want to share with you some tips on how to choose the right bankruptcy attorney to help you file your case. Bankruptcy is a specialized and intricate area of law. It is important that you hire an experienced attorney who understands the ins and outs of bankruptcy law.

Research is Key

Hiring the wrong attorney can be expensive, as it can be costly and difficult to fix mistakes after a bankruptcy case is filed.

Take the time to research any attorney or law firm you’re considering. Some attorneys dabble in bankruptcy law, while others practice exclusively in bankruptcy. The Law Offices of Barbara B. Braziel practices exclusively in bankruptcy law. We’ve been helping people get out of debt for over 35-years.

Sometimes a simple Google search will yield a lot of information about an attorney. You can also look them up on your state’s bar website, or look up reviews from previous clients.

Things To Consider

Here’s a list of critical things to consider before hiring a bankruptcy attorney:

  • Does the attorney have experience in bankruptcy law?
  • Is the attorney able to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction?
  • Does the attorney seem organized, knowledgeable, and trustworthy? Are you comfortable with this person?
  • If you hire them, will the attorney be handling your case, or will you be left in the hands of a paralegal?
  • Does the attorney have a good reputation in the community?
  • What type of fee arrangement does the attorney offer? If you need a payment plan, do they offer one?
  • Is the consultation free? (We offer free consultations to anyone in the Savannah, GA area!)

These are some basic things to consider. Ultimately what is most important is that you hire someone who you feel comfortable with to help you navigate through the bankruptcy process.

Shop On More Than Just Price

If you feel the most comfortable with and confident in the attorney who quoted you the best price, by all means, hire them! However, we encourage you to select an attorney based on the above considerations and who you trust to work with, not based solely on price. Considering costs and fees is critical, but it is also critical to have your bankruptcy case handled the right way from the start.

Bankruptcy Can End Your Financial Struggle And Help You Gain Financial Freedom

We invite you to learn more about who we are here. We’re committed to helping people get out of debt and gain the financial freedom they deserve. If you line in Savannah, GA or the surrounding areas and have questions about your debt relief options, let’s meet for a free consultation. Please reach out to us at (912) 351-9000 or contact us by filling out this simple web form.


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