To be certain, filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision for anyone. Though it can be the choice that gives you a clean slate and a fresh start. For many, deciding to handle their debt problem head-on by filing for bankruptcy is the light at the end of what was a very long debt tunnel.

If you have decided to get out of debt with bankruptcy, then it is time to focus on the future and how to make the bankruptcy process as smooth as possible. Follow these 5 Must-Do’s for a worry-free bankruptcy.

  1. Gather All of the Paperwork

Your bankruptcy attorney will require certain documents from you. Gather all of these documents and get them to your attorney as soon as possible. The sooner your attorney has the necessary documents, the sooner your bankruptcy case can get filed.

We understand that for some people one of the most daunting tasks is to gather documents. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with gathering all of the documents, take it one document at a time. For more info, take a look at our article The Documents Your Bankruptcy Attorney Needs.

  1. Carefully Review Your Bankruptcy Petition

Your bankruptcy attorney will complete your bankruptcy petition. Once complete, carefully review the entire bankruptcy petition before it is filed with the Bankruptcy Court.

Your bankruptcy petition must be truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Bankruptcy petitions are filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court under the penalty of perjury. It is critical that you disclose all of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses, and recent transfers of property to the Court.

  1. Open Your Mail

Immediately open mail that comes from the Bankruptcy Court or from your attorney’s office. Immediately read any emails that come from your attorney.

Shortly after filing for bankruptcy you will be notified of the date and time of the Meeting of Creditors. Every person who files for bankruptcy must attend a Meeting of Creditors. Know that you will not be in a courtroom being grilled by your credit card company and you will not have to defend your choice to file for bankruptcy. Learn everything you need to know in our Survival Guide to The Meeting of Creditors.

  1. Promptly Respond to Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Return emails and phone calls from your bankruptcy attorney. She may need information or documentation from you for your case. She may have important information to share with you. Being responsive will help ensure that your bankruptcy case goes as smoothly as possible!

  1. If Something Major In Your Life Changes, Let Your Bankruptcy Attorney Know

This must-do may actually be critical to your bankruptcy case. Your bankruptcy attorney needs to be informed of any major changes in your life. Tell your attorney if you move, get laid off, change jobs, become very ill, or become entitled to an inheritance. Each of these changes may affect your bankruptcy case.


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