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Welcome to our October Edition of Random Acts of Kindness!

Thank you for following our blog. We share information here about getting out of debt, the benefits of bankruptcy, and tips on savvy financial management, saving more and spending less. Certainly, these are critical topics for our financial futures, but we also like to share stories on random acts of kindness. Just some feel-good news to remind us of the good in the world!

Big impacts… from seemingly small actions.

There is a pervasive notion that to create big impacts one must take extraordinary actions or have a broad reach. But it is not necessary to be famous, have a following, or to take extreme measures to make meaningful impacts. Indeed, to make big impacts – even if only for one person.

Leaving Behind a Smile

A little note reminding the person who finds it to smile is an act of kindness, and sure to bring a smile! You can have fun with these notes and leave them in places they’re sure to be found, like a travel brochure stand or in the hotel complimentary coffee basket. Your note may bring the levity that the finder needed at that moment.

Making Friendly Conversation

We often have the opportunity to make friendly conversation with the people around us. Perhaps it is as simple as giving a compliment to the person waiting next to you in line or delving into a long conversation for an entire subway ride home. In these brief encounters, we can share laughter and connection with another person, and we can learn things we otherwise would not have learned.

There is a word for such meetings in Japanese. The word is pronounced “ichi-go ichi-e,” and its literal translation is “one time, one meeting.” It means that an encounter will only happen once in a lifetime, and serves as a reminder to treasure every moment because it will never occur again. Each moment is once-in-a-lifetime.

Bringing the Trash In

You can help a neighbor with simple things, and they may, in turn, help you!

Scully witnessed her neighbor getting annoyed about coming home and having to move his garbage bin that was blocking his driveway after trash pickup. She decided to roll his bin up the driveway when she brought her own trash bin in. This small act of kindness grew roots. Scully’s neighbor began picking up her trash bin for her if he got home first. Now neither of them ever comes home to a blocked driveway.

Those who carry out random acts of kindness humbly, quietly are doing impactful work, just as those who stand out with extreme actions or notoriety do impactful work.

Never forget the positive impacts extending kindness will have on the world.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

– Scott Adams

It doesn’t take money or talent to be kind. Give random acts of kindness a try. We’d love to hear about the kindness you spread into the world! Feel free to post stories about your acts of kindness on our Facebook page!

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