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Thank you for following our blog. We share information here about getting out of debt, the benefits of bankruptcy, and tips on savvy financial management, saving more, and spending less. Certainly, these are critical topics for our financial futures, but we also like to share stories on random acts of kindness. Just some feel-good news to remind us of the good in the world!


As Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana, the damage done was felt by all of us. Many people lost their homes, and some lost loved ones. The full damage of Hurricane Harvey is still not known, but there were also many stories of compassion and heroism to come out of this tragedy.


  • First, a story about a couple that was rescued by jet ski after calling their local Chick-Fil-A. J.C. and Karen Spencer were trapped in their flooded home and unable to get through to 911, so they called Chick-Fil-A to request a boat. Fortunately, the manager was in the store checking on things and answered the call. He was able to find someone with a boat to rescue the Spencers and some of their neighbours with the help of a jet ski.
  • Another woman went into labor during Hurricane Harvey and was unable to contact either 911 or the Texas National Guard. Her husband contacted a friend who was near the fire department to alert them to her situation, and she was rescued using a human chain because the water levels were so high.
  • A fundraiser organized by Houston Texas player J.J. Watt received so many donations for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts that the website couldn’t keep up. After setting an initial fundraising goal of $500,000, over $18 million in funds (and counting) have been raised. Many other prominent athletes and celebrities, along with many ordinary Americans, have also donated funds to various disaster relief charities.
  • Finally, the owner of a Houston mattress store turned his furniture showrooms into relief shelters, providing shelter to hundreds of displaced people. There is already a petition to recognize August 26 as “Mattress Mack Day” in Houston.


These stories, along with the countless other examples of bravery and kindness shown during Hurricane Harvey, should give us all hope that we can overcome this disaster and rebuild stronger than ever.


It doesn’t take money or talent to be kind. Give random acts of kindness a try. We’d love to hear about the kindness you spread into the world! Feel free to post stories about your acts of kindness on our Facebook page!


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