The stress caused by carrying massive credit card debt that you simply cannot afford to pay back can be overwhelming. The financial burden usually comes with incessant collection phone calls, demanding letters, and can lead to being sued for unpaid debts and having your wages garnished or bank accounts levied. If you cannot reasonably afford to pay back your credit card debt within two to three years, it is time to explore how you can erase credit card debt.

Erase Credit Card Debt Forever

Debts erased through bankruptcy, including credit card debts, are erased forever.

After a successful bankruptcy, you will receive a Bankruptcy Discharge Order from the bankruptcy court, which releases you from personal liability on certain debts. You will no longer have a legal obligation to pay back your debts that were discharged in bankruptcy.

The most common debts that are “dischargeable” in bankruptcy are credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, utility bills, certain older tax debts, and other types of credit or loans that were obtained without a collateral requirement.

Creditors Can Never Legally Attempt to Collect Payment on Discharged Debts

Creditors of discharged debts can never legally attempt to collect payment on those debts. The creditors you owed money to prior to filing for bankruptcy cannot legally:

  • Call you for the purpose of collection, or hire a collection agency to call you.
  • Send your bills.
  • Reinstate a wage garnishment or bank levy from before you filed bankruptcy.
  • Sue you for that unpaid debt.
  • Bring back to life a lawsuit for an unpaid debt that was pending when you filed for bankruptcy.
  • Pursue payment on a judgment against you they received prior to when you filed for bankruptcy.

Once you receive your Bankruptcy Discharge Order, your dischargeable debts―including credit card debts―are erased forever.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

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